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I think I’ll call this dude… Big Daddy II

Another species ramble video with some current and throwback footage !

Species Ramble : Red Tail Shark

Get this man to 100 subs !

Day 3, have yet to see him mess with my other fish

My favorite fish is not the roseline shark (denison barb)….

NEW FISH Even though I Said “No More”

Not sure what to do now lol

Bought $60 worth of ludwigia repens (maybe peruensis ?) and if it dies on me, I’m gonna be pissed… 😆. Would have preferred to put it toward the back but reaching back there in this big ass tank is impossible.

The “Now What ?” Phase of Fishkeeping

Took me a while to fulfill this request but here it is !

Let’s gooo !!!

No regrets !

Rainbow Shark : Not So Bad Afterall

Who doesn’t love a nice side view of an aquarium ?

I started my channel when I was this young man’s age, and he knows a lot more about aquariums than I did when I was 13. Can’t wait to see his channel grow !