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Testing Jitsi Meet with Craptube


This video is one of my favourites to date! Massive thank you to @TheFishkeepingGinge for allowing me to film his tanks and scapes!

The first flowers in the greenhouse. The Pleione orchids flowers on nutrients and water stored in the Bulbs during winter before any leafs grow. Isn't nature fantastic?

Not long now before your Tuesday session of Fishy Bingo. Tonight we have the usual games plus a brand new rapid fire Bingo game. Blink and you will miss it.

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The official @KeystoneClash 2024 schedule is set! Check out when your favorite speakers are talking or when a speaker is going to talk about your favorite topic! Also plan your agenda as we have an action packed weekend scheduled. Make sure you have your hotel at our discounted group rate, as they are being booked even faster than last year! See you at the Clash! Note: Schedule is subject to change. #KeystoneClash #KeystoneClash2024 #FishEvent #FishShow #AquascapingContest #Fishtubers #FishAuction #SaltwaterVendors #FreshwaterVendors #GiveAKidsATank #AquaticRaffles #Speakers

To expand the production capacity of this Channel, I'm looking to hire a video editor. You should be fluent in English, be familiar with my videos and have a good understanding of aquarium related topics. The position can be remote (fast internet speed required) more details and application:

In my opinion there are 5 things every shrimp tank needs to be successful. In this video I share all 5 with you 👇🏻 Shrimp Tank Success Secrets: TOP 5 ESSENTIALS REVEALED!

KJE will have some CPDs up on this auction - Be sure to tune in Saturday (FOR THE REAL FISH NOT THE SHIRT - But if you like the shirt it is available on our website lol)

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Should we do a quiz on this weeks live stream?

I’ve been a little concerned for this guy. He disappeared on me and I thought the 10 gallon had claimed him, but last week he popped out and yesterday he swam to the front of the tank when I fed. Gardneri Killifish.

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First baby Red Cherry Shrimp in the new breeding tank 😍

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