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I’m Excited! It’s Done 100% I Can Breathe! Members Only Live

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Shout out night go subscribe to all 4 of them A Master Class on The ENTIRE Nitrogen Cycle from nature to your deep substrate and layered tanks. Also an explanation of most the science that has been used within LASAGNA style substrate tanks :) Hey friends I created some info-graphic visual aids in the last video and it has been requested that I post them as image files ( feel free to screenshot the video for all images though). *Members will be receiving a link to ALL these files and more educational and acedemic infographics used on the channel. Its only $1.99 to join as a member and get full acess. Thank you ALL for your kindness and support.

AROWANA Fish Update After Jump out of tank 😱👀

How big are my koi and fish feeder is back

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Six 6in mullet for eleven 1ft golden dorado. Good appetite. Started growing again 1 inch / month.

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Website update MyFishTanksAQuaitcs https://www.myfishtanksaquatics will be a video archive blog in the future I want to make that domain a store website and sell online. I have got a new domain for MFTAQ which will be my main website for the channel. So I now have a new email address of

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AROWANA Fish Update After Jump out of tank 😱👀

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Goldfish abuse is far too common…

If you had one shot, one opportunity to capture everything you ever wanted would you