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Just saw this cool method of adding unwashed sand to your tank - saving a bunch of time and water. Have you tried this in your tank before?

Hey Shrimpers! We’re exploring membership options to better serve those of you passionate about the science of keeping and breeding shrimp. We’ve got an incredibly unique idea for a membership benefit and we’d love YOUR feedback! To be clear, our goal is to provide exceptional scientific content and value for members while using the revenue to create valuable, interesting, and free content that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. A membership program should benefit everyone, whether you join or not. Here are some member benefits we’re considering: 1. Exclusive Videos: Bi-weekly uploads (every other week) covering fascinating research papers related to shrimp keeping. 2. Voting Power: Influence video topics and research proposals. 3. Research Updates: Exclusive videos and posts on ongoing experiments. 4. Ad-Free Videos: Available only on Patreon. 5. Members-Only Chat: Connect with us and fellow enthusiasts. 6. Name in Video Credits: Get recognized in our videos. You might be curious about the “Research Proposals & Updates.” While existing research teaches us a lot, there’s still much to discover about our shrimp friends. We plan to use membership revenue to fund real experiments to answer questions like: • Do water changes have a measurable impact on shrimp health? • How does light intensity affect shrimp coloration? • Do certain foods significantly boost growth rate or coloration? We’ll write up research proposals based on where current research leaves off OR what you want to learn about, then let our community vote on which experiments to run. With Rick's Biology degree and lab experience, Shrimply Explained could act as your personal research lab! This research initiative is a unique membership option that needs further development. The purpose of this post is to gauge interest in the membership idea, gather your feedback, and refine our plans. It’s not set in stone and, if it happens, will still be a few months away. Thank you in advance for your input and any feedback in the comments. **So, the big question - would you pay around $5 a month for a membership like this, including research and all the other benefits?** Happy shrimpin'!

Exciting news! We're doing a little in-person meetup for shrimp keepers on June 8th at SF Aquatic in Walnut Creek, CA. We know it's a bit late notice but if you happen to be in the area and want to chat about shrimp, Rick will be hanging out there for a few hours. The owner of the store is also a knowledgeable breeder and has been kind enough to offer a 20% discount on shrimp to anyone who shows up! Here's more information about the event, if you're interested: Happy shrimpin'!

This awesome video gives a close-up view of a vampire shrimp wiggling out of it's old exoskeleton. Really cool footage to check out!

New video coming out soon! Without knowing the title (don't want to ruin the surprise - yes it's ice in a shrimp tank, but why??), which thumbnail are you most likely to click on? Comment the number below! Also, thanks to everyone who shared their opinion on the last poll about membership perks. We really appreciate your feedback as we look for ways to give you more engaging and educational content! Happy shrimpin'

Hello Shrimp Keepers! We are considering YouTube/Patreon membership options to fund research project and high-quality content moving forward and we'd love your feedback. One idea we're considering is releasing weekly/biweekly videos to members that review a scientific paper relevant to shrimp keeping, diving deep into interesting insights and practical tips we can take from each paper. We may also release notes along with the video for easy reference. Would this be something you'd find valuable as a membership perk? Please leave any feedback or suggestions for other membership content ideas in the comments below. We'd love to hear your feedback :) Happy shrimpin'!