FishFam FAQ

The FishFam is a group of people with a common interest, aquariums. is a place to find all Fishy related links, events and more.

The website is developed and hosted by Liquid Zoo - Only Fins. It is paid for and supported by the Patrons & Merch Sales. The YouTube Channel, Instagram, TikTok, Calendar, Facebook are managed by a number of people: JennaP, Mystery Snail Guardians, The Zen Ginger, Didi's FIN Den, Mridul Singh, Liquid Zoo and others. RC Beams Art Studio "Beccs" created the logo.

If you have a YouTube channel where you often upload aquarium related content, you create aquarium related art, are an aquarium related club or local fish store you can complete the form HERE or email Other aquatic related channels including reptiles are also welcome.

Calendar updates can be submitted at Calendar Updates or Email

You can complete the form HERE or Email

You can complete the form HERE or Email

To financially support you can become a Patreon or Purchase Merch or make a donation. To help in some other way email

You can complete the form HERE or Email

Email your article to

In your channel profile you just need to set yes to Streams Regulary and Stream Notifications. If you are having troubles email

In your account profile under channels select the channel you wish to claim and click claim.

You can find these settings under your channel profile.

This means you either have them blocked or they have you blocked. There are two types of blocks on YouTube you can be blocked from a channel or you can be blocked by a person. In this case it's a person to person block. To check and ublock see

This means the channel has you "hidden" this is a block feature that the channel owner will need to unblock you.

Sorry, you've been misinformed. YouTube does not unsubscribe you from channels. You may have accidently or puposely done this in the past. The most common way this happens is being on a channel and having your phone in your pocket.

This could be for many reasons. The first reason is doesn't know you are a live-streamer. Have you notified us? If you previously were showing up and now are not it could be we removed you to save API calls because you were dormant for awhile or because your streams were not mainly fish focused. While you are free to stream about whatever content you want; is meant to display content that is for the majority based on Fish, Plants and Reptiles.

The first reason would be an issue with our API calls. Please ask us to make sure there is no problem with your video calls. The next reason is if a large portion of your content is not Fish, Plant or Reptile related we may have removed your video calls.

Be sure the data is correct in the Page Profile including the Latitude and Longitude.

This indicates that this content is in some way a sponsored placement of content. strives to not incldue ads in content that you see, however some limited sponsored content may be found throughout the site and will be identified as such. user account is managed by the people that manage social media accounts, however there are a few things that it does automatically; for example it will say hello, ask people to like the stream, thank people for superchats, superstickers and membership actions.

In your channel profile you can select that it's not OK for to chat in your channel. This will stop any automated messages from from happening in your channel. You may also email and let us know.