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Winter solstice 7 litres out highwater event 21/6/24 Hangover 90

Pretty magic morning sweep 22/6/24 Hangover 90

Afternoon feed team red starts slow 20/6/24 Hangover 90

1 and a bit litres in 19/6/24 Hangover 90

(most of) Team red go to check out the other side 18/6/24 Hangover 90

strange chores 17/6/24 Hangover 90

Sunday sweep 16/6/24 Hangover 90

Bigger is SO much better - team red showing off strength in numbers 15/6/24 Hangover 90

Biggest team red ever! 10 new red embers 14/6/24 Hangover 90

Afternoon feed team red working in two divisions 13/6/24 Hangover 90

some rootling ASMR and Deano 12/6/24 Hangover 90

Still here the next day- maybe we are about to start a Jurassic theme?

getting 3 dimensional off duty and new critters 11/6/24 Hangover 90

2 and a bit litres in soak 10/6/24 Hangover 90

Check this cool photo I jagged today! Believe it or not I am pretty sure I saw this fly catch and eat an even smaller fly! I just wasn't quick enough with the camera!!!!

Blue corporation general meeting and fight club and fiery small red starts up 9/6/24 Hangover 90

Quiet Saturday evening in 8/6/24 Hangover 90

Friday morning line up 7/6/24 Hangover 90

sorry for everything 6/6/24 Hangover 90

Afternoon feed Team Red keeping it real 6/6/24 Hangover90

When you wake up in the bush and dont know where you are 5/6/24 Hangover 90

reminder its just balancing! Lucky day 4/6/24 Hangover 90

4 years of natural aquaescaping in this tank, Tony gets rough and bonus cat 3/6/24 Hangover 90

Sunday sweep 2/6/24 Hangover 90

First day of Winter deep clean 1/6/24 Hangover 90