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What’s the main role of protein skimmers in saltwater aquariums? 🐟

Pretty cool seeing these big names being into aquariums, I think that’s great promotion for the aquarium hobby! 🤩 Another stunning setup built by @InfinityAquariums, they never fail to amaze the public with their builds! The artificial coral looks great, now Jake can keep those coral-eating fish he wants without having to worry! Maybe one day he will build a reef with live coral.. 👀

Such a stunning collection of coral! This particular setup is no longer set up, but he built a different reef with these corals! Want to see the tank now? 👀💭 Watch this video if you haven’t seen it yet 👇

Seeing other people’s tanks and visiting hobbyists is what really inspires me in this hobby. Sharing ideas and knowledge with each other is what I like most! Last year I came across this hobbyist who turned out to be local to me, we filmed a reef tank tour video for the channel and had a great time! As you know I love shallow aquariums, so this was a dream for me! He told me he was planning on taking it down and was looking to sell the corals, a week later I helped my local fish store transfer all these corals! This hobby is amazing as you can end up with great friendships.

Pick a favorite variety of clownfish! 🙌 They come in so many different colors, I have a pair of orange clowns and black clownfish that were sent to me by a German store named Coralaxy, they were tank bred! Do you have clownfish in your tank? 💭

For the new shallow reef build I’m going to get a new custom cabinet and I’d like to know your thoughts! The wall will stay black, the cabinets will be dark blue and here’s where I need your help.. what top should I get? Gray or walnut wood color? Or something else? 👀

💦 What does the term "salinity" refer to in a saltwater aquarium?

I used to work at a fish store in my hometown that had a stunning display aquarium (click on the image to see the full tank), it inspired me to get into the saltwater side of the hobby! 🪸 The centerpiece coral was a massive Homophyllia / Acanthastrea bowerbanki, such a stunning piece! What do you think of this setup? 💭

I like to keep my aquariums low tech, this is possible because I mainly keep easy corals and have a small amount of fish in the tank. There’s a small bio load, because if this mechanical filtration is not a necessity. Beneficial bacteria inside the rocks and substrate take care of the little waste build up inside the aquarium. However, I’d like to know if YOU prefer..

🐠 Which of these is NOT a common inhabitant of saltwater aquariums?

The Zoanthids are looking good! 🤯 Which one should I add to the collection next? Check out this video! 👇

Zoanthids are awesome! 🌈 They come in so many colors and varieties, these soft corals make a great addition to a reef tank! I had a ton of them in my 40 gallon and can’t wait to see my new 6 gallon nano build be filled with them!

🔄 The nitrogen cycle is the process..

The Most COLORFUL Corals I Have! - 20 Gallon Reef Tank

These mushrooms look amazing! I want them in my collection.. who knows.. maybe one day I can afford them! I’d have to sell a kidney! Maybe more.. 😝 Can you guess the price of the big mushroom in the second picture?