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Fish Story, a DIY Public Aquarium & Fish Rescue

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Story of three 20in/50cm 2.5yo soldier catfish aka rock-bacu or Lithodoras dorsalis in 1800 gal

Handfeeding jumbos. RTCs seem slowest-witted: 1 half-comes, 1 hasn't learned to come in 2 months.

Opposite side of IQ scale_ gulper catfish is primitive enough to rub skin off in hidey hole

Oscars visit fallen kin. Proof of high IQ? Coincidence/randomness? Courtship season inertia?

Festive summery activities in less aggressive 4500 gal. Bigger Bad foils update.

Smile! You're on camera! Stories of our current 3 TSN_ Widmer the corruscans, Sock Puppet & Tiggy

Dovii lay eggs 2nd time. EB carpintis eats itself (?) to death.

Stories of three 4-line pim catfish Pimelodus blochii & tetramerus 12in 15yo, 11in 15yo, 8in 3yo

Internal parasites? Praziquantel + metronidazole treatment via feed for withering white sturgeon.

3 rehomings_ 10in 8yo flagtail; 1.5ft 1yo Widmer the spotted TSN; two piraiba 12in & 10in 1yo

2x white sturgeon have been well at 82F/28C, 1x has been withering at all temps even at 65F, why?

Trying to better estimate sizes of fish in jumbo 4500 gal_ 3.5ft jau, paroon, RTC, 3ft other cats

Six 5lb oscars are feeling it too (faking fierce courtship)

Peacock bass fights & courtship look violent but damage insignificant so far

Toothster the 3ft leerii catfish's 1st day in 25K gal_ has given the 5ft Mr. Wels his 1st bite

Pacu revolt_ Toothster the 3ft 10yo leerii/helicopter catfish has to leave 4.5K for 25K gal

15-20yo, 16inch/40cm sun catfish Horabagrus brachysoma

A spirited disagreement of 2 male Dawkinsia rohani barbs. Barb, tetra, loach, & eel tank.