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Fish Story, a DIY Public Aquarium & Fish Rescue

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Six 6in mullet for eleven 1ft golden dorado. Good appetite. Started growing again 1 inch / month.

5 fire & 3 tiretrack eels, growout 240gal dawkinsia hemiodus roselines harlequins cichlids sharks

Begging high maintenance diva tig catfish to eat, winter tig blues

Feeding 240gal jardini glass catfish lima pictus ornate pim bichir carpintis uaru BGK yoyo oscar sev

Story of two 3ft/90cm leerii / micropogon aka helicopter catfish 7yo in 25K & 10yo in 4.5K gal

Feeding growout 240gal, update on TSN corruscans catfish; 5 pbass 3 arowana lungfish clown knife tig

In 3 weeks the fragile planiceps / firewood catfish feed on fish without bloodworm assistance

Memento mori files_ rohani, parrot, silver dollar, hemiodus tetra, bala

Gillian, the 4ft ripsaw, brusquely assists Jello Jr, the 20in apu, in feeding; less aggr. 4500 gal

Rinse & repeat_ squid+mullet 1800g. LMB top greed chart. Dorado cat requires extra effort as usual.

20inch apurensis Jello Jr meets 28inch Jello Sr in 4500gal_ as usual no serious damage & peace after

Weekly waiting on the jumbo 4500 gal. Some picky, some unruly, some hungry customers.

Five 2ft/60cm American eels from Jason's Plecos & Cichlids, our first ever, in 1800 gal

Three nervous days later the fragile planiceps / firewood catfish eat having been buried by food

Don't let your Chinese wels catfish get too hungry. Ate sick LMB. Late by a few hours. My bad.

Our 1st ever dovii spawnings at 9 months old!? Some fry in the sump, eggs in the tank.

Sabrina's 6 senior parrots, 3x18yo & 3x10yo, join 14yo KK parrot we got from her 3 years ago

Giant Mekong Catfish & Giant Siamese Barb, valuable 1sthand info in description & linked MFK thread

5lb of gourmet squid + mullet for 1800g. Dora the dorado rousseauxii catfish being difficult.

Real hungry Mr. Wels. Moody fish. Can diss food offerings then get dangerously hungry. 25K feeding.

Giant squid & giant NLS pellet for less giant 4500 gal (tropical gar's not gravid, just avid feeder)

Feeds unassisted! TSN corruscans feeds great after initial long fast & weird pbass-assisted start.

Rehome of Giant Siamese Carp_ removal of pacu & apurensis catfish, first feeding

Rehome 9yo 5lb Giant Siamese Carp that should've been 150lb by now_ from 25K into 240 to bulk up?