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My next video (launching in early July) sees me and my friends overcoming some strange obstacles in the pursuit of BIG carp... However... I may have spent a little too much money problem solving on this trip. OOPS!

Hey you lot! - I'm currently getting a lot of messages asking why I've not uploaded much lately. Firstly, sorry! Secondly, I always want to be proud of what I put into the world, and rushing things just doesn't feel right. I promise that when my new videos come out, they'll be the best they can possibly be full of 100% fishing passion. I know I could earn more money posting more, get more sponsors and the like - but my love for this channel and fishing in general makes me just want to do the good, real stuff. Anyway, back to my edit desk. Cooking up a big carp adventure currently - can't wait to share it with you all. Carl