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Is that nice to do or not? #shorts

A shout out to our friend here he broke his arm. Please go to his channel and give him some good wishes, hoping that he recovers soon. @Cloud_king12

To my good friend @BenjaminNaftal I want to say thank you for all of your support to the channel, not only do you come to every video I post in comment, but you take it a step further and donate money to the channel, You donate pretty much to every third video I post, which is a major support to my channel. Your donations are being. Use not only back into our channel, but also being sent out to ministries to help spread the word of God. So would that being said you are being blessed each time you make your donation thank you very much my great friend and pray that you and your family will be blessed

Tonight at midnight, we will start posting one remix short every hour on the hour. We have 30 videos that will post from midnight tonight to midnight tomorrow night. Hope to see all of youse in the comments PS after the 24 hour. We will have a dated playlist that way you are able to watch every video in that playlist, keep on the support guys. We are trying to hit 20,000 subscribers before the end of this month.

Do you remember the first iPhone?#shorts