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I had a SERIOUSLY CLOSE CALL with the Monitors!

Catch me LIVE today at 6:20p ET! See you all there!! https://youtube.com/live/u6g-ovjPfX0 #kampkenan

I BUILT a NEW style Baby Turtle Habitat!

KAMP TOUR for Tanner Serpa & Garden State!

Thank you all who joined the Live today. That was awesome. If you missed it, go ahead and watch the replay!

Join me LIVE today (Thurs) at 6:20p ET!!! https://youtube.com/live/1AJnFy9XnmA?...

Inky & NEW Lizards get introduced to Croc Chow!

Landscaping Reptile Habitats MY WAY!

I have a JERKFACE Fly River Turtle!

Can't wait to see all you Happy Kampers LIVE tomorrow (Thurs) at 6:20p ET!!! https://youtube.com/live/qhZIhqWqF7o

Did My Caiman EAT the Twist Necks?

Kamp Kenan was Live TODAY watch the replay!

I'm going LIVE today at 6:20p ET! Can't wait to see you all there!! https://youtube.com/live/gRThyiIh3cU?...

Got TURTLES? You need to know about FILTRATION!

We all have FAVORITE ANIMALS, these are MINE!

My Croc Monitor Came After Me!