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We will be spending the day with the Norwalk Aquarium Society this Suday. One of our favorite clubs to hang out with and support. Stop in and check it out!

Thursday pop up - closing down more tubs

Some of our sticker collection from this past Clash . I have a few others also . If I don’t have one from you, feel free to send us one 😁

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We're excited to share some great news! We've just received a substantial restock of Monkey Pods, and we know how challenging it has been to find these lately. Monkey Pods have always been a favorite among enthusiasts because of their striking appearance and remarkable durability. These versatile pods are not only perfect for aquariums but also work wonderfully in paludariums, vivariums, and terrariums. They can create charming miniature pools, adding an extra dimension to your enclosures, especially for dart frog habitats. Monkey Pods, also known as Kapok or Rain Tree pods, are renowned for their ability to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your setups. Whether you're looking to create a natural look or provide hiding spots for your pets, these pods are an excellent choice. If you have any questions or need advice on how to make the most of Monkey Pods in your enclosures, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help you elevate the beauty and functionality of your setups with these remarkable additions. Get these plus so much more on our website at KJE AQUATICS https://kjeaquatics.com/

Keystone Clash Late Saturday Night

We had a great time at the @KeystoneClash unfortunatly I never got around to getting many pictures myself but I did manage to sneak into someothers who were taking pics (I hope to see some) Anyhow here is one pic of: Skipper, Me, Fishiemon, and Depth Unknown - Hope to see you all there next year. In the meantime go buy something at https://kjeaquatics.com/ so we can afford to make that happen lol. Peace Out, Keith

We brought home first with our Pseudocrenilabrus cf. pyrrhocaudalis - some also call Grey backs - from Lake Mweru, Africa . I got busy at our vendor booth and forgot to grab a picture of him . We do have the Bling to show though. 😁

Quick Pop Up Keystone Clash - Sat

Quick Pop up at the Keystone Clash 23’

Hey folks, just sharing this again - Club Auction season is upon us nationwide. If you are new to sharing fish at these events or new to bagging fish then here is a video we slapped together that may help explain the process in laymen terms. If you happen to need bags, Fritz Guard or Poly-BioMarine then we have it in stock for you on the website @ https://kjeaquatics.com/ Note: this also works for shipping them- There are more details as far as box prep I can add if you message us on that we would be happy to share what we do here at @kjeaquatics Peace!

Greetings, We are thrilled to announce that KJE AQUATICS will once again be participating in this year's Keystone Clash. For those of you attending, we invite you to swing by our booth and introduce yourselves. Meeting the wonderful individuals who support us is always a highlight, as we consider our customers to be an integral part of our fish-loving family. If you're on the lookout for specific items that we offer on our website, please feel free to get in touch ahead of time. Our inventory is extensive, but regrettably, we can't fit everything into our roadshow Subaru. By letting us know your needs in advance, we'll do our best to ensure we have your desired products in stock for you at the event. We can't wait to see you there! Warm regards, Keith @kjeaquatics PS - YOU CAN LEAVE COMMENTS BELOW, EMAIL US @ KJEAQUATICS@GMAIL.COM, OR MESSAGE US ON FB OR IG

Hey folks - We are now offering Microworm Starter Cultures on the website - If you are new to them or forgot how to culture them, we just wrote up a blog post found here : https://kjeaquatics.com/culturing-mic... Can find this plus so much more on our website @ www.kjeaquatics.com -- FYI, If you want to pick up in the 518 area we can make that happen so you can save on shipping costs - Just message us. We can even deliver if it is convenient for us. We can also take pre-orders and deliver them to any show/event we attend (we go to many all over the country)

Hey folks this is just a heads-up - KJE will be at the Keystone Clash Next week. We will not be shipping goods from 9/20-9/26. If you need stuff off the website please order it prior and we will get it out. Better yet, Come by and see us at the Keystone Clash! We love to talk shop with the folks that support us. If you would like stuff delivered to the clash then pre-order ASAP. We will refund the shipping but you have to let me know right away after ordering.