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Exotic aquatic species from #Indonesia and the #Philippines are in the spotlight. They’re in stock and ready to make your #aquarium their new home. Shop now - the riches of the world’s waters are at your doorstep.

Marine experts, take a look at this prized specimen! The Golden Stripe Soapfish is an aggressive carnivore that requires an expert handler because it tends to see tankmates as food, and it has a poisonous mucus coat that’s activated when it’s stressed. Take a look and test your husbandry chops on this one! #goldenstripesoapfish #goldstripedsoapfish #sixstripesoapfish #skunkfish #expertonly #marineaquarist

White Tail Bristletooth Tang: The Reef Landscaper that Mows down Algae The White Tail Bristletooth Tang (Ctenochaetus flavicauda) is not only a beautiful addition to reef aquariums but also plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of coral reefs. These Tangs are voracious algae eaters, tirelessly grazing on algae that can otherwise smother and harm coral reefs. By keeping algae levels in check, they help promote coral growth and overall reef biodiversity. #Fishfacts #fish #aquarium #WhiteTailBristletoothTang #tang #saltwatertank

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Architects of the Ocean Floor: Exploring the Burrow-Building Behavior of Blue Dot Jawfish The Blue Dot Jawfish (Opistognathus rosenblatti) is known for its fascinating behavior of creating burrows in sandy substrates. What's particularly remarkable is that they're meticulous architects! These fish will gather small pieces of sand and carefully arrange them around the entrance of their burrow, creating a protective barrier. They're also known to perform maintenance on their burrows, regularly rearranging the sand to keep their home secure and comfortable. #fishfacts #liveaquaria #aquarium #aqualife #marine #fish

You decide what’s on sale for Memorial Day! Two promo codes save you money on the #aquaticlife, #fishfood, #aquariumequipment or supplies you need. But hurry because it all ends at midnight!

Orbiculate Batfish: They Spend Their Lives as Masters of Disguise Did you know that Orbiculate Batfish (Platax orbicularis) are capable of changing coloration as they mature? When they're young, they often have a striking appearance with intricate patterns and vibrant colors to help camouflage them among coral reefs. However, as they grow older, their colors fade, and they become more uniformly brownish grey. This change in coloration is believed to help them blend in better with their surroundings as they move into deeper waters.

Red, White, and YOU! #MemorialDay savings are here, and you get to pick the discount! Use the qualifying promo code at checkout and start saving today. Better hurry, though, because codes expire Tuesday at midnight. Introducing… the ProAquatix Captive-bred Clarkii #Clownfish. Hardy and with an easy care level, it will swim right out of our holding tanks and straight into your heart! Find out more

Red, White, and YOU! #MemorialDay savings are here, and you get to pick the discount! Use the qualifying promo code at checkout and start saving today. Better hurry, though, because codes expire Tuesday at midnight.

Score a 10 if you guessed the answer to our recent #FishDetective post was the Celestial Pearl Danio. This #freshwaterfish is small in size but adds a huge amount of visual interest to your #homeaquarium. #speciesspotlight #liveaquaria

It’s not you, it’s me! For relationships to start off on the right foot, compatibility is key. To be sure you’re maintaining the safety of your #aquaticlife and reducing stress, select suitable #tankmates. Compatibility Chart : Let us know: which one is NOT a good fit?

Cross this Clownfish off your wish list! The ProAquatix Captive-Bred Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish turns a deep chocolate maroon color with yellow stripes when mature and will dazzle in your marine tank or reef aquarium. See it here : #clownfish #goldstripemaroonclownfish #marinetank #reefaquarium

Time to hone your sleuthing skills! Study the aquatic clue below and give us your best guess on which freshwater fish this is, then check the link to see if you’re correct. Hint: it’s small (1” max), peaceful, and likes to swim in groups. #fishquiz #freshwaterfish #guessthefish

NEW TO THE LIVEAQUARIA® WEBSITE is this eye-catching Captive-bred Mocha Clownfish. Get it before anyone else if you act soon! With an easy care level, this Clownfish is a good start for saltwater beginner aquarists. Learn more about how to care for this prized marine fish here : #mochaclownfish #clownfish #beginneraquarist #marinefish

Oh, no!! Who’s in the wrong #aquarium? Although they may all be #freshwaterfavorites of yours, one of them won’t be a good tankmate for the other three. Who do you think it is? (If you need help, click on the link to our compatibility chart : Drop your guess in the comments below.

LiveAquaria® Live Dive Sale – 05/20/2024

LiveAquaria® Live Dive Sale – 05/20/2024

LiveAquaria® Live Dive Sale – 05/20/2024

Looking to add a splash of color, improve tank maintenance, and find peaceful tank mates – all in a compact package? Look no further than shrimp! These little invertebrates are the ultimate low-maintenance superstars for your freshwater aquarium. Here's why! Add them to your aquarium → #Shrimp #Freshwater #Aquarium #AquariumHobby #LiveAquaria

Remember that mysterious fish we challenged you to identify yesterday? The Indian Ocean Lyretail Anthias is active and needs to eat often to maintain its health. This species has a moderate care level due to its feeding requirements. In addition to flake and frozen marine carnivorous food, an attached refugium cultivating copepods and amphipods will provide it with a steady supply of nutritious live food. It is advisable to keep a male either singly or as part of a group with only one male present. If kept in a group and the male perishes, the dominate female will become male. Learn more #IndianOceanLyretailAnthias #Anthias #marinefish #marineaquarium

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In hues of red, orange, and yellow in between, can you name this species, of all things marine? Enter your guess in the comments below. Then click on the link. The answer will be revealed, and you’ll be in the know! #fishdetective #liveaquaria #fishquiz #puzzle