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Hey everybody 👋 The last couple days I've had this idea that keeps swirling around my head and won't quit. So I figured I'd ask you all what you think. The hardest part about leaving an event of where the fish family gets together is that odds are you won't see them again in person for atleast a year possibly, and that really sucks in my opinion. So my question to you is would there be any interest in getting together and figuring out a place we can all go and hang out for a few days like around mid to late spring or early summer. If so make sure you make it to Fish & Gears Friday night so we can chat some more about it. If not no biggie I just think it'd be cool to see ya'll more than once a year.

MetalheaDs invade the Keystone Clash 2023

 @KeystoneClash  are you ready for more MAYHEM! We are registered, ready and can't wait. Where is it you ask Morgantown PA When is it you ask September 22nd - 24th There will be vendors, guest speakers, Auctions,Aquascape contests, and more. Plus you may even run into your favorite youtuber there!. Don't worry I'll be there too. If you are interested in attending and would like to see a list of all the events make sure you go to there you will find all the information your looking for. Looking forward to seeing you all there.