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The Reality Of Breeding Snakes (MUTANTS)

Can You Name The Species?! #giantgecko #gecko #adorable

Hey Everyone. I want to make a couple things clear. In the video yesterday about this whole Van’s debacle, the things I said the companies should do were not Demands, by any means. They were recommendations. If the companies and the individuals responsible want to admit their wrong doings and pledge to fix them, that is awesome. We want the animal taken care of, and not just used as a prop first and foremost. I thought that would be obvious. I also think that if the person who owns/owned the snake admits fault, and commits to getting it help and learning their mistakes, they shouldn’t lose their job. However, if they want to deny any wrong doing (in the public eye), I absolutely stand by what I said. It’s cool for them to take responsibility via DM, but not saying anything publicly is still a very bad look.

VANS Used STARVING Snake In Ad (Horrible)

Hey everyone!! I wrote a book, I would absolutely love it if you would order one one! Here is the link: -Andy

A video of an egg-bound snake will be up in one hour!! Let us know what you think! This video is live for our channel members right now! Join the channel to get early access to all of our videos!

This snake has a see through heart!! Absolutely Wild!

Kevin’s Random Turtle Field Notes!

Saving a Snapping Turtle Nest! Relocating eggs to a safe place.

Does Kevin McCurley Approve of This Reptile Basics Cage?!

I totally forgot to post this for Easter… Happy Belated 😂🐰

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This could be you! Come to one of our next events!!

Guys this is a BIG DEAL. Please share this video, get the word out, people need to be ready,

This is BAD. The Reptile Industry Is NOT Ready. (Neither Are You)

Not your average NERD pet 😂😂 we love ALL animals here!! #squirrel


When a Good Snake Becomes “SCARY”- Let’s Fix This Snake!

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Did Somebody Say....SNARFLES?! (No He’s Not Gone)


New Video is OUT!!! Let us know what you think!