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June 12, 2023, I remember that day. Someone subscribed to Only Oscars. I didn’t know how to see who had subbed. It was a year before I knew the channel name. It made my day to get that sub. I had no content, no idea how to post a video. I can’t say I’ve worked hard, or have a direction for my channel. I don’t breed fish for profit or have any rare endangered fish. I only have common fish that anyone can get at Petsmart. And yet today, something happened. Something I’m still shaking my head about. Only Oscars has 4,000 subscribers.

I lost my cat Veager last night. She was 14 years old. The mother of my favorite cat Booger. She was beautiful. I will miss her. God bless Veager

I’m sorry to say that there won’t be a stream tonight. I’m better but still not able to do much. Lots of water changes and clean up come first. Friday, hopefully we can talk about all I’ve missed. Live long and Oscar🖖

I won’t be able to be with you tonight, live long and oscar.

Good news! 5 lemon oscars are doing real good. Seller is sending me replacements. I’ll keep you informed

Only Oscars Has Lemon Oscars..maybe

I received some lemon oscars today. Was not the worst shipping, but most of them were dead. 3 might survive. I’m very upset about the situation. There will not be a live stream tonight, i am sorry.