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These RESCUED Kittens Need Homes!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend 😊 I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU to Regina Phalanges, The Zen Family, Becky Glinka, Bonnie Eden, and Robert Wayman for being so generous and sending the kitties food and other gifts from my Amazon wishlist. You have no idea how helpful this is and how much I appreciate all of you! Unfortunately, one box was damaged, and there was no gift note for me to know who sent these gifts. A special Thank You to the person who sent the gifts in the second picture.

Some of my new strays who run away when I open the door. My goal is to earn their trust and hopefully catch them and get them fixed. If that's not possible, then I'll need to trap them. I still have 2 females who are currently scheduled for spays.

I want to take a moment and say Thank You to Jennifer Anderson, Elizabeth Dyer, Melanie, Kevin Ullery, Winnie & Gabby, for sending all the food and treats from our Amazon wishlist. All of the kitties and I appreciate your thoughtfulness ❤️ THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!

Little House For These Stray Cats

Salina and her kittens went for their first check up today. We have 2 boys and 2 girls. The kittens are healthy and thriving. Salina has a respiratory infection that she's being treated for. The veterinarian said she's giving so much to the kittens that she most likely has a weak immune system right now. She got her dewormer as well. Her spay is in 3 weeks, and I hope to have her healthy by then. I've been asked by several people how they can help out with my colony of cats that I'm trying to get spayed and neutered. I feed over 20 cats and I'm doing my best to help them. It does add up, but I'm not comfortable with accepting money. I put together a wish list on Amazon for those who want to help. I'll try to add the link to this post. Thank you for following along and for all your kindness.

This morning I got up at 4am to take Batman and Meow Meow to Safe Haven in Raleigh. Meow Meow had an accident on the way but I cleaned him up when we got there. Both were very scared. Today they're getting neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and some flea/tick medication. These are 2 of the colony cats that live in the woods across the street from me. I'll take them home and provide shelter for them while they heal. #TNR

Petsmart Has The Best Boxes #cats

Kittens Playing With Toys For The First Time #cats

Rescue Kittens Playing With Toys For The First Time

Surprise smack from Carl 🤣 #cat #slap

This is a video on my other channel and I wanted to share with you Carl and Baby Kittys, new gift. Cat people will appreciate this video 😊