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Scruffy City Aquatics Livestream Returns!

Sorry everyone. Tanner and I may need to look at doing another night. The kid’s school load seems to always be crazy on Tuesdays. We have two tests and two quizzes tomorrow, and we just wrapped up tonight homework. We look forward to being back.

Check out the color on this little dude! I saw him from across the room today.

Sorry for the late notice everyone, but my middle schooler needs help with homework for tomorrow. The homework this year is killing me. 🤣

Something else just showed up in the mail! #AquariumCoop #FriendsOfAquariumCoop

I’ve had a very exciting morning! @PeplinCreekAquatics @FoxiesFishes #Venies #Corydoras #aquariums #fishfamchristmas #fishfam

Sorry everyone, Tanner and I had planned on being back this week, but something has come up and I can’t make it. I’ll try to work out a lunchtime pop-up or something to catch up with you all.