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To celebrate Pride Month, we have a NEW pride tumbler!! Both our old pride design and the new one will be on sale for the month of June!! Get yours now at: NEW Design: Old Design: Original price: $24.99 Pride sale: $19.99!

Our Hognose ATE Some of her Eggs!

Feeding Dud Snake Eggs to our Reptiles!

Our third Adoptathon will be held tomorrow (Sunday) night *live* on our YouTube channel! Tune in to meet all of our adoptable reptiles in the rescue, and maybe even adopt DURING the stream! When: Tomorrow (Sunday) from 7pm until 9-ish CT Where: Snake Discovery on YouTube and Twitch Link to the stream below!

Our Lavender and Toffee Hognoses Laid Eggs!!

Our Blue-Tongued Skink had Babies!!

Driving home from the Sacramento Show! (Vlog)

Do you make products for reptile enclosures? Are you looking for a chance to get exposure on one of the biggest Pet YouTuber collabs? We're looking for sponsors for the 2024 Enclosure Buildoff CHAMPIONSHIP hosted by Snake Discovery! 😀 The top participants from our 2021, 2022, and 2023 Enclosure Buildoffs will come to our facility and compete in decorating 6'x2'x2' (yes, bigger than before!) enclosures using only the decor and products donated by our sponsors. We'll be making multiple videos all about the event, encouraging the participants to do so as well on their channels. Our fanbase will then vote for their favorite enclosures, and they will be signed and raffled off at our 3-Year Anniversary celebration with proceeds going to a reptile-themed organization (TBD). This will be another huge event like last year! Current sponsors/donors include Custom Reptile Habitats, Universal Rocks, Zoo Med, Cork Fanatikz, Exo Terra, Pods Solo, VivTech, Josh's Frogs, and Snake Discovery! We are still looking for things like unique wood decor, slate, fake plants, moss, leaves, naturalistic caves and hides, and other decor that can spark creativity :) Please email if you'd like to donate something to sponsor this event! The only requirements are that: - It's reptile-safe - It's available for purchase through your business - At least 10 similar items are sent (so each contestant could use it if they want). Anything unused for the contest will be raffled off at our 1-Year Anniversary Celebration for additional exposure. ;) - It is received by July 29th so we have it in time for the contest on August 6th. We already have some categories covered (like cork bark), so please let me know what you plan on sending prior to doing so. Like a potluck, we're trying not to double-up so each person's contribution is unique and therefore doesn't get overlooked ;)

Emily does a Reptile Paint-By-Number (New Merch!)

Our Mexican Black Kingsnakes Laid Eggs!! (2 Clutches!)

Attending the Sacramento Reptile Show!!

NEW MERCH alert! We officially have Snake Discovery thermoses!! These heavy duty thermoses are made of stainless steel, hold 16 ounces, and are perfect for your morning coffee or other beverage! Get yours for only $12.99 today! Link below:

Fun fact: Emily's older sister Bethany made yesterday's thumbnail! How do you think she did? No, Bethany isn't taking over thumbnail-making. She just wanted to see what it was like to make one, so we let her have a go :P We think she did great!! If you didn't see the video yet, it's about two clutches of hognose eggs! Link below:

Our Hognose Laid a HUGE Clutch of Eggs!