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Building a breeding system to hold 8 tanks! Video to drop soon! Also, the merch is in! Order yours today at

Baby fish growing up #aquarium #fish #fishkeeper #nature #fishtank

Baby Bolivian Rams. Ever seen them this close up? They will be for sale on the website in a few months! For those following along on the journey of growing these fellas up, there will be a 10% discount for the first 25 people that comment rsvp on the community tab on our website

Quick picture of 1 of many projects underway - Project Galaxy Medaka Rice Fish - I plan on breeding a good bit of these fellas to sell on the website! Aren't they adorable?

Moving Baby Fish #aquarium #fishkeeper #fishtank

Nursery Tank For My Baby Bolivian Rams

I love the smell of duckweed in the morning

My center piece fish? Oh, just the electric blue acara. What's your favorite center piece fish?

Wigglers - baby bolivian ram fish

Check out this pygmy gourami with its bright blue eyes! I didn't realize that this fishy was a micro predator. It spends most of the day hunting - similar to pea puffers. A very curious fish!

How To Set Up A DIY CO2 System

Bolivian Rams Protecting Babies

The macro lens finally came in, ever seen these fish this close up?

That's all have been asking so tomorrow at 11 am EST a video on how to set up a co2 system is coming!

Zhou's Vermilion Goby - the newest addition to the 20 gallon! This is a freshwater goby that is slightly larger than the Stiphodon Goby

My favorite cleaner fish? The Panda Garra

A few pictures of the Bolivian Ram in the 75 gallon. Learn more about them in this cinematic video:

How To Clean A Planted Fish Tank - Everything You Wanted To Know

The X-Ray Tetra is probably my favorite fish in the 20 gallon at the moment. Anyone else in love with the transparent fish?

Wills Aquarium Light Review - My Thoughts

Sorry It’s Water Change Day