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Learn how to care for the Medaka or Japanese rice fish — a popular aquarium and pond fish because of their incredible hardiness and ease of breeding. ~Irene

Tiny Tanks, Big Savings_ Why Small Aquariums Are the Best Choice For Beginners

Setting up tanks and putting away product.

Daily interesting conversations happening on our Facebook group. It’s free, just answer the questions to get in and be kind. I hang out there and weigh in on topics.

5- to 20-gallon tanks are very popular because of their small size and cheaper cost. Try these 5 fish stocking ideas to inspire your next nano aquarium. ~Irene

No live stream again tonight. Throwback to pond season 2014. I want to get some setup again this season. Gonna try and dress em up a bit more. Got a project to work on this week, hope to share it with you guys after.

This place was neat. I'd love to see this become a trend in the USA. Garage specialty fish stores. Breeders and high quality stock. Some exist but very few have the retail front part to it. Quite a new experience and to see the locals partaking like a normal store basically.

Touring One of The BEST Discus Fish Breeders I’ve Ever Seen!

Plants looking great in the warehouse today. These pics are from 15 minutes ago. All ready for you to buy and we'll pack em to keep em wet and warm on the way to your place. Our custom algorithm looks at the temp difference between us and you, and recommends a heat pack. All plant orders ship with our custom plant liners to keep their temp more even during transit. The heat packs and liners are free of charge to you. We want to ensure you get a great looking plant every time. If not, reach out to customer service.

Assassin snails are excellent clean-up crew members for getting rid of excess fish food and pest snails. Learn how to care for them and breed them for profit. ~Irene

Today we got up early and took a class on how to graft fruit trees! Now to go home and plant them. Enjoy Nature Daily!

Don't miss your chance to suggest an idea how we torture the light next.

Unbreakable LED Aquarium Light Test_ Can We Break It?

When shopping for your first betta fish, there are a ton of options to choose from. We made a list of some of the most popular varieties, so comment below with your favorite types. ~Irene

Rare Livebearers Galore_ Exploring HUGE Wholesale Facility in Germany!

Why is my aquarium plant melting or losing leaves? Learn about the common reasons why your plant looks like it's dying and how to give it a boost. ~Lizzie