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The Hot Mess Express #152 Fish Fam Hangout!

The Hot Mess Express #151 Egg Watch Auction

You all ready for some Egg Watch babies? Let the PCA season begin!!! See you all at 7! Thank you  @DidisFINDen  for making this awesome invite!

I've loved you since the day we met And now I'm ready to make that bet That you're the one I want to spend the rest of my days with.... My penguin With this thought in mind I roamed the shores for quite some time Searching for the perfect stone To present to my penguin To make you my own And there one day, it lay in front of me The prettiest pebble I ever did see The shape of a heart tinted in a golden hue It was perfectly shiny and ever so smooth I picked up that pebble with the golden hue And held it close to my chest as I waddled back to you .... And there you stood, waiting for me Your flippers outstretched and your eyes filled with glee I layed my heart out in front of you on the fine grains of sand My mind raced with thoughts of, "Will he accept my heart, or reject my hand?" Then, you reached down and picked up the stone Holding it close to your heart, giving it a home You looked in my eyes and asked, "What does this mean?" And I responded, "Will you be my penguin for eternity?" Your eyes began to glisten and your smile grew You responded, "Yes, my penguin. I love you." If you're wondering why I'm writing about penguins...... because tomorrow is never promised and my heart is set..... I asked Brian to be my penguin. He said yes!!!!!

The Hot Mess Express #150 Fish Fam Hangout!

Happy Saturday, shoalmates! Check out the FFL Giveaway Haul today with shopper @StephenP2003 to the Peplin Creek Aquatics store on Get Gills! Hope to see you all there!💜🧜‍♀️

The Hot Mess Express #149 Fish Fam Hangout!

Instead of HME tonight, Miss Didi will be going live on her channel at 7 PM E/6PM C this evening. Please tune in to help remember @MridulSinghMusic 🕊 Please leave love, support, and memories that you may have of Mridul for his family here I will miss you forever, my friend. Love you. <3

Happy Birthday, My Most Precious Monster🎈🥰