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October is officially "Beginners Month" on the channel as I try to come around full circle and welcome in all the new fish keepers the hobby usually gets this time of the year! - Watch New Video Now - https://youtu.be/bgXRdbMjTc4 This month I'll be making beginner-friendly content but if you're a veteran just sit back and enjoy the show as I'll try to make this basic stuff entertaining for you as well! 😊 While the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle may be complicated for beginners, some make it sound way more than it actually is! So I tried to make this as simple to follow as possible, while also being as entertaining as one can be...🤣 Watch Now - https://youtu.be/bgXRdbMjTc4

Seamless Sump Upgrade - (More Flow, More Dough) #aquariumhobby #seamlesssump #cichlid

Pothos plant taking over the 150! Roots hidden behind the background 😁 #aquariumhobby #cichlid

80% Water Change on the 210G! 💦 #aquariumhobby #cichlid #kavemanaquatics #fishtank

Nitrate Check! - Where do yours get after 1 week? #aquariumhobby #cichlid #kavemanaquatics

The Seamless Sump from @CustomAquariums is a beast of a filter! It's very capable of handling my 420G lightly stocked tank. - https://youtu.be/8FSPKWroxNU But I plan to begin stocking this baby with some studs so I wanted to make sure I pushed the Seamless Sump to the max! This easy hack can turn your sump from a great filter to an amazing beneficial bacteria producer!! 😁💪 Watch the new video now! - https://youtu.be/8FSPKWroxNU

I Upgraded My Seamless Sump! (Simple Hack)

Hey Fish Fam! All "Stud" level memberships or higher can view tomorrow's new video right now! Early Access Perk Initialized! 😁💪 - https://youtu.be/8FSPKWroxNU

Start your morning off right! 😁☕️ - https://koji.to/kaveman_aquatics

Aggression kills! The African Cichlid story of our lives! 🤷🏼‍♂️ #africancichlids #aquariumhobby

New fish & Frontosa fry update! - Members-Only Q&A Live Stream #61

KaveManiac Member-Only Live Stream starting in 30! Join us for our bi-weekly stream while we hang out and talk fish! 😊 - https://youtube.com/live/5KX4m0oFbBU?... Not a member yet? Better late than never! Join here - https://youtube.com/kavemanaquatics/join

The Up’s and Down’s never fail! (Frontosa fry) #aquariumhobby #cichlid #frontosa #kavemanaquatics

If they only knew what everything else costs 🙄

Maintenance day in The FishKave! 😎 #aquariumhobby #aquarium #waterchange

Maximum clarity still loading! 😁💪#diatoms #diatomalgae #brownalgae #aquarium #aquariumhobby

Nice 8 month run in between cleans! 😁💪#fluvalfx6 #aquariumhobby #aquariumlife #aquariumlifestyle

Happy Sunday Funday! I’m starting mine, how bout yourself? 😎#aquariumlife #aquariumhobby

Will They Survive With My OG-OB? (New African Cichlids)

Not only is my poor sick fish looking like he'll make a full recovery, But I also got some new African Cichlid studs to keep him company!! - https://youtu.be/KsPAJgI-Yw8 Join me while I set up a brand new aquarium quarantine tank for them as they join my freshly recovered giant OB Peacock. I'll be using the QC as the quarantine tank medication. What's that? My auto-meds that never fail! 😁 Watch here 👉 https://youtu.be/KsPAJgI-Yw8 BTW... Channel members got to watch this last night with their "Early Access" Perk 😊 Want some perks? Join us here - https://youtube.com/kavemanaquatics/join

Early Access to tomorrow's new drop, Now Available! To all "Studs" level and higher members!! Just another perk for you awesome supporters!! 😁💪 - https://youtu.be/KsPAJgI-Yw8

Full Recovery! w/ New Buddies! 😁 #aquariumhobby #cichlid #newfish #aquarium #kavemanaquatics #fish

Clear Waters Galore @ The Fish Hut of NJ! #aquariumhobby #cichlid #newfish #aquarium

Leave me alone when I’m in here 😌🙏 #aquariumhobby #aquarium #cichlid #kavemanaquatics #fishkeeper

That's what you call POOP! #aquariumhobby #cichlid