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Ep 43 Mexicali and Fathom Aquatics

I'm sorry, but I was not aware we had plans this evening. I have to reschedule to livestream with Alex of Fathom Aquatics for tomorrow. Again, I apologize for anyone I may have inconvenienced.

Here a channel that has been creating video for a while but for some reason i just recently found him. Check him out and if you like his videos give him a sub. @razinfishes1918. By the way he's a fellow veteran.

Tommy, you nailed it. I'm with you 100% Make sure you check out @silvercreekwildlife latest short, and you'll see why I agree with him

Reyes Del Agua: Acuarios Plantados

Ep 42 Mexicali and PriceTag Aquariums

Si te gustria aprender sober acuarios plantados, acompáñanos el 24 de mayo a las 6pm Invitados especial @naihnarredondoarciga​ @Jrfishtanks​ @KleinerFishAquarium​ @AcuariofiliaYinYang​

Come and check out Brandon from PredatoryFishkeeping

Friday Night Hangout @HappyPlaceAquatics

I just stumbled onto this video. It has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen in our hobby. Thank you, @IslandFishkeeping

For those of you in Texas he a fellow fish keeper who is been at it for a little while and would benefit for our community support. Go check out his channel if you like what you see. Give him a sub.