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Father Fish Tank Setup_ With An Insane Twist!

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Come check out happy place aquatics as he's doing maintenance in his large fishroom!

If you're on Twitch, I'll be doing livestreams there as well! If you are on Twitch, share your link with me here so I can follow you on there as well. My link is on my channel profile

Join my Discord server so you can chat with me and share pictures and videos of your aquariums and fishrooms! , anyone else that's on Discord, please share your link here so I can join yours! My link is on my channel profile!

live stream formats and how the fish keeping hobby is doing great!

let's keep an eye on these goldfish!

look close or you will miss them!

The Ultimate Betta Tank Setup You Need To See!

We got wiggle butts! angel fish fry! #shorts #babyfish #angelfishfry

The hour of power live stream is canceled for this up coming Saturday, Tuesday will be as normal, and the following Saturday as well