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After Adding a Pleco Fish to your Aquarium

Rainbow Shiners know what it’s like to be really, really, ridiculously good looking 🤩

Spotter Congo Puffers are SO great they even help feed the rest of the tank 😉 #pufferfish #fishtank

Lake Towuti located in central Sulawesi has unique ecological characteristics that support a variety of endemic species. One of those species is Glossogobius flavipinnis. A very unique Goby in that its swim bladder makes up over 50% of its body. In gobies, generally the swim bladder is often reduced in size or even absent in many species. This reduction is an adaptation to their bottom-dwelling lifestyle, where buoyancy control is less critical compared to fish that swim actively in open water. However in contrast, the Towuti Goby spends most of its time floating in the middle to upper water column. This also means they dont require lots of flow or super high oxygen levels like other species. While they appear calm and collective just floating about, when it comes to eating, they are very ferocious. Once a small predator is found, they will hunt them down with vigor not seen in other gobies. That being said, they tend to ignore anything that cant fit in their mouth. I have been keeping this species successfully with Pencil fish, Corydoras, Tetras and plecos and they are not bothered at all. They tend to just float around without a care in the world until it's time to eat. A very rewarding species that you only see available a few times a year. And let me tell you, the males extremely tall dorsal fin makes it even more worth it. A very cool unique goby i will always keep. Now in stock at The Wet Spot, and don't forget to use code steenfott10 for 10% off. >>> <<< >>> <<< >>> <<< Affiliate link where ill earn tens of dollars if you make a purchase =)

Our 40 Gallon Native Aquarium - Shiners and Darters

Come on guys, give peas a chance 😆 #peapuffer #pufferfish #freshwaterfish

Creating a Pea Puffer Palace In a 20 Gallon Long Aquarium

Hello all, i have been working on a 33 gallon long. I can't decide between a Multi Shell Dweller tank, or trying my hand again at saltwater. Let me know below what you think i should do. We are genuinely curious.

Sajica Cichlids aren’t like regular moms, they’re cool moms 😎 #cichlid #cichlids #freshwaterfish

Hello All, The Wet Spot is having a Fourth of July sale which runs from July 4 - July 7th. Code FIREWORKS10 will get you 10% off! Does NOT stack with sale prices. So if you've exhausted the steenfott10 code, now is your chance to enjoy the discount again. Lots of cool new fish listed in the last week. Go take a peak if you haven't. Have a safe 4th and try not to lose any fingers.

The Future of the Fish Room and the Channel

The Best Betta Fish In The World - Betta macrostoma

These Fish Look Like UFOs - I Want to Believe

The Secret Aquarium Society 6/27 Members Only Fish Sales

Aspidoras spilotus are energetic and somewhat quirky. Unlike some bottom dwellers that may seem sluggish, these fish are constantly on the move, exploring their environment with curiosity. They dart around the tank in short bursts of speed, sifting through the substrate with their barbels in search of food. Their social nature makes them a joy to watch as they interact with each other, often seen swimming in loose shoals. Only $10 each at Dans Fish right now, this is a great value!!!!! Plus youll get a discount using code: steenfottaquautics <<< >>> <<< >>> <<< >>> Affiliate link where ill earn tens of dollars for every purchase made.

Looking for a breeding fish for profit idea that isnt guppies shrimp or plecos? How about breeding snails for profit? Specifically Blueberry Snails, a live bearing snail that is newer to the hobby. Breeding groups now available from Moonlight Aquatics. And if you use my code you save ten percent, so youre already making money just by using my code! Which is "steenfott10"

Planted Tank Tips with StephenP2003 Awkwardics - LIVE

Planted Tank Tips with StephenP2003 Awkwardics - LIVE

Cherry Shrimp moms deserve a LOT of respect 😆 #cherryshrimo #neocaridina

Hello everyone, In a recent video i talked about using hydrogen peroxide as a way to control/kill algae in your aquariums. I got a lot of questions about using this method. So i created a quick article to hopefully help people ease their fear of using it in their aquariums, enjoy!!!

A Day In The Fish Room - Massive Dwarf Cichlid Spawns