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Corydoras hastatus (Black Diamond Cory) is a captivating and petite freshwater catfish species. They typically grow to around 1 inch (2.5 cm). Originating from the Rio Guapore basin in Brazil, their natural habitat comprises slow-moving, clear waters shaded by lush vegetation. In aquariums, they thrive in groups of at least six individuals, displaying friendly and playful behavior that includes their signature "Corydoras shuffle" as they sift through the substrate in search of food. Corydoras hastatus are known for their peaceful disposition, making them ideal tank mates for various small, non-aggressive fish species. Typically an inexpensive corydoras, however due to the nature of how and who collects these fish. They have and are increasing in price and will probably continue to do so. I would advise getting them sooner than later if they are on your bucket lists. Check out our affiliate link or head over to and use code steenfott10 for 10% off all Livestock.

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