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No McStreamy tonight, but don't miss tomorrow's Weekend Water Change Stream on @BeccsFishRoom where I'll be cohosting!

The P's went to Keystone Clash 2023 - A fish convention like no other

Live from the Keystone Clash (Steamy McStreamy #97)

Keystone Clash Bound! Yeah, we are hella early. Will we be the first ones there?!

No Wet Your Plants today. See you at the Clash!

Sorryyyy, no Steamy McStreamy tonight. I spent the past week working nonstop for my day job so that I had certain things in place while I'm gone all next week at the Keystone Clash. I've been exhausted and cranky, but today I'm well rested and motivated. And I think the best use of that energy would be towards spending some quality time with the aquariums and catch up on maintenance! I'll be lurking in the streams and doing water changes, and I'll see y'all tomorrow on the Weekend Water Change stream on @BeccsFishRoom 's channel. ALSO! Jenna has been busy prepping for the clash too. One of the million things she's done is make What the Fish magnets (pic below) that we will be giving out to anyone attending the Clash who is a member of the channel (don't worry, members who can't make it. We'll get you a magnet too, including our awesome international members). AND, we will be giving out exclusive What the Fish stickers to anyone repping our merch at the Clash.

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