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Prof. Fishtanks is building a macroalgae tank to give away at the Keystone Clash

Share Posted on 01/22/2024 by Prof. Fishtanks
Prof. Fishtanks is building a macroalgae tank to give away at the Keystone Clash

In the most recent live stream I went over the material and cost list for the saltwater planted macroalgae display I would like to bring to the Keystone Clash at the Atlantic Aquariums booth. I will record the process and there will be a series on it on this channel!

The aquarium will be on display and at the end of the event it will be raffled off. If you would like to enter to win you will have to make a purchase. There may be a chance to just purchase raffle tickets but have not decided yet.

This project came to be because a few in the community thought it would be a good idea to have a display at the Keystone Clash. The problem is I do not have the funds to set it up. This is why I’m opening up the project to sponsorships/donations.

Below is a list with costs. You are welcome to donate for specific items. If any of the donation amount is left over it will be given back or you can use it towards purchasing from Atlantic Aquariums. All I ask is you specify as I will not do anything with the donation except for what it was for.

Aqueon 10g glass tank: $12.50
SR Aquaristik Pro Freshwater 40 cm light: $$76.99
Oase FiltoSmart Thermo 100: $83.08
CaribSea Life Rock 3lb: $20
CaribSea live sand 10lb: $27.99
API Saltwater Master Test Kit: $30.63
*the price is minus any shipping and sales/use tax which will be covered

Any ongoing costs will be covered by me such as fertilizers, saltwater/ro/di water, buckets etc. If the project is not completely funded all donations will be returned. Half of the proceeds from selling the tickets will be donated to Coral Reef Restoration Foundation.

If you are interested in this project and wish to donate feel free to email me at or if you have any questions.

Deadline will be Monday 01/29/2024