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25% OFF SHARK PROS ALL WEEKEND!!! We were going to do a big sale at Aquashella on the Shark Pros, but since we were unable to go, we decided to share this sale with everyone.

Have you thought about getting a pond? Building your own or having someone else build one for you?

Happy Thursday, everyone. Unfortunately, John and I are still putting away a shipment of plants that we received this evening. I thought we would be done in time for the stream, but it looks like we'll be working for a few more hours. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we'll see you next Thursday. Lisa

Evan did a great job in this video, talking about 2 of our favorite fish food brands. He also has one of the nicest fishrooms on YouTube.

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We're NOT Going To Aquashella, Here's Why. Plus John Is REALLY Mad!

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Hey Folks! I'm so excited to show you some of the new plants we got in and to celebrate we're giving everyone 10% off Live Plants ALL WEEKEND!! No code needed, just put plants in your cart and the discount will automatically apply!! Here are a few of the new plants we got!!! Thanks for all the support!!!

Hey folks, I'm very sorry but we're going to have to miss the stream tonight. We just received the largest plant order we've ever had and are overwhelmed putting them away. The good news is there will be tons of plants added to the inventory including some new ones!!! See you next week!!!

Building A Back Yard Fish Pond With 4 Waterfalls (Part 1)