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The Blind Fish Keeper challenges all fishkeepers to

Share Posted on 01/31/2022 by FishFam
The Blind Fish Keeper challenges all fishkeepers to

During a live episode of The Hot Spot on FishyBizzAquatics Brandon from The Blind Fish Keeper challenged fishkeepers to scape a tank without site.

In the episode of we got to learn about Brandon, who is a fishkeeper and has also been blind for the last fifteen years, after losing his sight due to issues from diabetes he got rid of his tanks and resorted to sitting on the couch.

About a year later he decided he wanted and could take care of a tortoise. It wasn't long and he was back to keeping fish, he's now at 9 tanks. If you want to hear about his experience keeping fish check out the replay.

At the end of the episode, he challenged everyone to scape a tank with a blindfold and send him a picture of the result or a video before Aquashella Orlando 2022. He plans to make a compilation video.