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Baby it's warm outside Fishmas in July 2023

Share Posted on 07/01/2023 by Foxies Fishies
Baby it's warm outside Fishmas in July 2023

Baby, it's warm outside, and you know what that means.... It's time for Fishmas in July! But, what is Fishmas in July?

Fishmas in July is a month long giveaway event on Foxie's Fishes channel. This event is "By the Fish Fam, For the Fish Fam!" Foxie and Didi, of Didi's Fin Den, gather donations from the Fish Fam community and organize the donations to be given away on the Fishmas in July celebration livestreams. The 2023 season will be the second Fishmas in July event.

Fishmas in July was originally created to celebrate Foxie's birthday by giving back to her shoalmates. The first Fishmas in July took place the last week of July, 2022. Foxie and Didi were able to snag Santa Claws while he was on holiday to help give out the donated gifts. It was an amazing three hour livestream packed with 29 giveaways! This was all possible because of the generosity of the FishFam community.

The Fishmas in July event for 2023 will be structured a little differently, and it's due to how very generous the Fish Fam community has been. There are 31 donators and a total of 50 giveaways for this year! Due to the high number of donations, Foxie and Didi have decided to expand Fishmas in July for the whole month! There will be a total of 5 livestreams of giveaways!

The Fishmas in July livestream dates are July 6th, July 13th, July 20th, July 27th, and August 3rd at 7 PM eastern/6 PM central on Foxie's Fishes channel. Foxie, Didi, and Santa Claws will be holding 10 giveaways per livestream. Donations range in value from $5-$100. No one will know what items are up for grabs until each giveaway takes place.

If you are asking yourself,"How can I participate in Fishmas in July?," well, it's easy! Make sure you are subscribed to Foxie's Fishes channel and Didi's Fin Den channel. Didi will be putting out the reminder for Fishmas in July, so make sure to click the notification bell to receive your reminder. Then, make sure to click on the "notify me" button on the Fishmas in July livestream on Foxie's Fishes channel. You will receive notification once the livestream begins.

"What are the rules of Fishmas in July?" The rules of Fishmas in July are 1.) You must be subscribed to Foxie's Fishes channel to participate 2.) You can only win once per season 3.) You must be present to claim prize 4.) You can gift your win to another participant, but they must also be present to claim the prize

The FishFam.Link giveaway tool will be used for the giveaways. Each giveaway will have a hashtag. Enter the hashtag in chat during the livestream in order to enter for your chance to win the item. Participants will have 3 minutes to enter the hashtag before the winner is drawn. Once the winner is drawn, they will have 1 minute and 30 seconds to respond in chat to claim their prize. Any prize not claimed will go back into the pile to be given away at a later date. If you are a lucky winner, you can claim your prize by emailing Foxie at

Fishmas in July is going to be phenomenal again, and it's all due to the generosity of the Fish Fam community. Below, you will find a list of the generous donators for the 2023 Fishmas in July season. You can show your appreciation by subscribing to their channels and checking out their content. They are the reason for the Fishmas in July season, afterall! Foxie, Didi, and Santa Claws hope to see you starting Thursday, July 6th, 2023!

2023 Fishmas in July Donators
Fat Kitty (Kelley Foreman)
Daniel Velez
Salient Aquatics
Crayfish Empire
StephenP2003 Arkwardics
Posiedon's Pets
Master Aquatics Just Call Me Eduardo
Skuba Steve-O Aquatics
KJE Aquatics
Ricky Dehoyos
Luke Wang
Didi's Fin Den
Linda Wirth
Skull Aquatics
Lady Rorschach
Fish Frenzy Addiction
Richard Reynolds
Foxie's Fishes
Craig's Catfish Cave
Belinda's Crystals & Succulent Garden
Peplin Creek Aquatics
Silver Creek Aquatics
Daniken Aquatics
Crypt Keeper Aquatics
Only Oscars
The Nano Aquarium Guy
Chattanooga Ed
Betta Aquatics