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Keystone clash giveaways sponsored by FishFam

Share Posted on 01/30/2022 by FishFam
Keystone clash giveaways sponsored by FishFam

To be known as FishFam for the Clash; Skippers Aquariums who was a big help at the Keystone Clash in 2021 has gone a step further for 2022 Keystone Clash. Working alongside Lefty3213a, QueAquatics, and Rikostan to organize and create a raffle(s) for 2022's Keystone Clash.

There will also be more FishFam for the Clash information available soon. Stay tuned for more information about how the FishFam will be involved in the 2022 Keystone Clash. If you would like to donate and help sponsor the raffle and other events we are planning, please send your donation to Skipper via PayPal. Be sure to include your YouTube name in the comments and send it as Friends & Family.

Also if you are Fishfam member and plan on attending please fill out this form to help the planning committee out