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A Snail In Distress Left Without A Leg To Stand On

Share Posted on 01/22/2024 by FishFam
A Snail In Distress Left Without A Leg To Stand On

In a turn of events at the end of 2023, Grant Sodders, a small business owner, found himself grappling with a serious health issue that has not only impacted his personal well-being but has also put a pause on his main source of income. Grant's left knee began to fail, manifesting with incessant clicking and popping. By January 3rd, the situation escalated, prompting multiple doctors to recommend an immediate visit to the emergency room. Stabilization relief was provided in the form of an immobilizer.

>Since that critical day, Grant has navigated through a series of doctor visits and imaging services, each pointing towards the need to consult an orthopedic specialist. However, despite these efforts, the root cause of the knee issues remains elusive. Sharp pains and persistent dull aches have now extended to his good knee, hindering his ability to bend or put weight on it.

Frustratingly, each visit to the doctor has yielded no concrete answers, and the only certainty is the upcoming orthopedic specialist appointment in February, a daunting 40 days after the initial onset of symptoms. Grant, through personal research and a foggy landscape of limited diagnoses from hospitals and specialists, suspects a lateral meniscus tear in his first knee. The hope is that his right knee is only inflamed from recent strain.

Complicating matters further is the fact that Grant's main source of income, a single-operator small business specializing in invertebrate foods, has been put on hold to prevent further injury, as both knees seem to deteriorate with use. Grant now faces challenges with daily tasks, particularly navigating stairs, which have become an arduous endeavor.

To cope with the financial strain during this waiting period and upcoming recovery phase, Grant has launched a fundraising campaign with a goal of $15,000. The funds will be allocated to essential needs, including a wheelchair for maintaining independence, a shower chair to prevent injury, physical therapy appointments before and after surgery, pain management solutions, co-pays, imaging costs, and other resources for daily activities.

Grant emphasizes that these funds will not only alleviate financial stress but also provide tools and resources crucial for reducing pain, preventing further injury, and facilitating a smoother recovery process. He expresses gratitude for the support he has already received from friends, family, and the community, highlighting the significance of the assistance in these challenging times. If you are able to donate even in the smallest of amounts he would greatly benefit.

There are 2 forms of donation:
Directly to his PayPal -